• New Album and New Video Released

      Today, I released my fourth album "Tales of the Retro Rocket Roller" and launching it off with the premiere of my latest music video "On My Way." Big shout out to my former [...]

  • Mech Nouveau Music Video Released!

    I've finally done it. After many, many, many months of planning and work, I now have my very first official music video. I've been off the radar as far as posting stuff for awhile [...]

  • “Mech Nouveau” is Out!

    My third solo album, "Mech Nouveau" is available now.  If you told me a few years ago that I would have three albums out, I wouldn't believe you.  The first album took so many [...]

  • No Kings – Released at Last!

    It took over twenty years to see the light of day to a worldwide audience but my old band, No Kings has finally released our self titled album from back in the day. With [...]

  • The New Album “Secrets in Silhouettes” is Released!!!

      It's been widely stated that an artist has a lifetime to do their first album and one year to do their next.  Where the first part holds true for many first albums, the [...]

  • 10 Years Later…

      July 3 marked the 10th anniversary of the very first time I ever put on my Adam West Batman costume. Who knew that putting on a costume would eventually change the course of [...]

  • Sink or Swim – LIVE! (First Time Out in Front)

    It's funny how life will throw you a curveball for the good. When I first started writing and recording my own music, I always had the intention of singing my own songs while either [...]

  • Costume Station Zero Podcast

    My good friend, Bob Mitsch interviewed me for his podcast Costume Station Zero.  You can listen to it there or download it from iTunes (free). Check it out! http://www.costumestationzero.com/?p=876 From the Costume Station Zero [...]

  • 66 Batman Merchandise Launch Party at Meltdown Comic

    On Monday of this week, I was driving down Sunset Blvd. when I spotted this in front of Meltdown Comics. As it turned out, Junk Food is a T-shirt company that was going to [...]

  • San Diego Comic Con – 2012

    This was another fun year of Comic Con. Here's some pics I thought I'd share.   Click on pics for full res Day 1 - The highlight of Preview Night for me was seeing [...]

  • “Sink or Swim” is released!

    It's here! It's done! It's now available worldwide for download from Amazon, iTunes and more.  Physical made to order CD's are available from Amazon, Createspace and  Reverbnation. You can even stream the entire album [...]

  • The Return of the Batboard

    A few months ago, my buddy JoJo asked me if I would play in band with him on his birthday to perform David Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from [...]

Meeting Burt Ward

04-21-05 The Hollywood Collector’s Show was once again the host [...]


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