July 3 marked the 10th anniversary of the very first time I ever put on my Adam West Batman costume. Who knew that putting on a costume would eventually change the course of my life? The costume has changed significantly through the years and so have I. Both for the better.

Wearing that costume open so many different doors for me, introduced me to so many new friends and created lifelong memories for me that I will forever cherish. If you had told me 10 years ago before putting on that cowl that I would have experienced one 10th of the things that have happened to me, my wife and some of my friends during that time, I would not have believed you.  The costume experience can be different for different people but I always took it as a responsibility when portraying that character. For me, it’s like wearing a uniform that means a lot of things to a lot of people that is so much bigger than I am or could ever be. Whether it’s been meeting fans at a convention or visiting children in a cancer ward, I’ve always tried to live up to their expectations while trying to treat each of them with respect. It’s been tremendous fun and incredibly humbling at the same time. It’s certainly made me a better person and I still strive to do better.

To the many friends and relationships that I have made along the way, thank you for being the best part about this whole experience. There’s nothing like 66 Batman fans. They are a different breed and I’m proud to be among such good company.

Thank you with all my heart,
Scott Sebring

And now I’ll shut up and share some trips down memory lane.

First photo posted on web of me in cowl. Suit wasn’t completed yet.

First time in suit. I didn’t even know what I looked like in it yet since I didn’t have a mirror when I got ready.

First finger point. Still the very first time in suit.

Sitting in Nate Truman’s Batmobile. First Batmobile photo op.

SDCC 2004. Our first Comic Con in costume!

First meeting with Burt Ward – 2005

First meeting with George Barris. The start of some great times with him.

Encounter a young bat fan while at the Bat-cave. One of my all time favorite memories in the suit.

With George and the original Bat Cycle

With George and the Numder 1!

The Joyride fund raiser event

SDCC 2005 – First outing with Alex as Robin and meeting my good friend Bob Mitsch for the first time.

One of many great moments with Wally

Alex and I at George’s shop before the Bullrun

On Hollywood Blvd at the Bullrun

Cruise for a Cure with Nate Truman’s family

Chiller in New Jersey 2005. My first bat-meet-up with fellow fans

Come on! The smile says it all! I’m wearing one of Adam West’s original suits! THANK YOU MARK HARDEMAN!!! – 2006

At the 40th Anniversary event in Burbank 2006 with Adam.

With the trio!

At the 40th Anniversary event in Burbank 2006

Novi, MI 2006 – 40th Anniversary event. What a collection of costume characters!

My first live forum party in my hotel room at Novi 2006.

“Fanatical” TV program did a feature on me as part of their first episode.

George Barris Street Naming Ceremony – in the Number One with Jonas as Robin

Culver City Auto Show 2007 with Vickie

Doing one of the things I love the most

Filming “The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman” in New York.

Boston Megafest 2007

My second live forum party in my hotel room in Boston. Actually, we expanded into Mark Racop’s room as well.

Driving the Batmobile in Manhattan

One of my favorite pics in a Batmbile. This one is by none other than Fiberglass Freaks!

A 2007 promo shot.

Sitting poolside with Ruben Procopio, Adam, Wally and Fred in 2008.

With the late great Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Vickie took this one of me during a Children’s Film Festival in San Diego.

Alex and I with the original Bat Copter – Screaming Tiki Con in Ohio 2008

The third live forum get together. We got our own hall this time. – Screaming Tiki Con in Ohio 2008

Had to have a pic inside the Bat-copter – Screaming Tiki Con in Ohio 2008

My favorite Catwoman – Screaming Tiki Con in Ohio 2008

LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! The whole gang with Lee Meriweather at the screening of the 66 Batman film – Screaming Tiki Con in Ohio 2008

Setting up Mark Hardeman’s original costumes on mannequins for the Florence Hendersen Show.

On the Gotham Police Headquarters steps at WB’s backlot

Strolling through Gotham

With Yvonne in Arizona 2009

Back at the WB lot again but this time with Robin. Alex made me run up and down those steps at least 20 times.

Another part fo the WB backlot

Should we do Bat-climb?

City of Hope picnic for cancer patients. A great group of people putting in their time. This was the first time I met Sam who would become one of my other Robins.

Fourth of July Parade with Nate Truman’s Batmobile

“Who are these people?” – SDCC 2009

My all time favorite pic with Adam. Just a candid moment sharing a really good laugh.

Sam and Sara with me at the South Pasadena Police and Fire Department open house

A selfie

Sara, Wally, myself, Steven and Adrian in Palm Springs for Adam’s Walk of Fame ceremony there in 2010

Providing color for Adam’s Walk of Fame ceremony in Palm Springs

With Yvonne at Wizard World in 2010. We realized that we didn’t have a picture of the two us where I wasn’t in costume. So we had this one taken. Not only is she a client of mine nowadays but she and her sister Meridel are really two people I can call friends.

A great display of costumes by the message board members at Wizard World in Anaheim 2010

The fourth live forum get together. Mark Hardeman brought his original costumes for all the members to check out and many got to wear that cowl. – Wizard World in Anaheim 2010

At the forum get together, I had set up a photography area where I did portraits of various folks in costume. Here, I talked Alan into trying on my Batman suit to show him that he could make a decent Batman. He’s done us proud ever since!

SDCC 2010

These are the best moments!

Delivering the application for Adam’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Sam – 2011

Entering the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to deliver Adam’s application for his star on the Walk of Fame – 2011

A nice picture of Alex and I taken by Ben Bentley while at SDCC 2011

Support your local library!

At Adam West’s Walk of Fame star ceremony in Hollywood. The application we delivered was accepted!

With Adam at his star ceremony.

The crossover you never saw – SDCC 2012

The other crossover you’ll NEVER see – SDCC 2012

Chilling with Yvonne during a casual little convention in Los Angeles. Very laid back but fun. 2013

Alex and I during the parade at Dragon Con in Atlanta – 2013

At Big Wow Comic Convention in San Jose – 2014

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman’s “Batman Meets the Green Hornet Again” crossover launch party and live podcast held at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Yep. That’s the real Batcycle! 2014

And I’m not done yet…