This was another fun year of Comic Con. Here’s some pics I thought I’d share.


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Day 1 – The highlight of Preview Night for me was seeing the upcoming 1/6th scale Batmobile from Hot Toys

I met this girl named Ashley sporting one of my friend Greg Maraio’s creations during Preview Night as well. He made Vickie’s Catwoman suit years ago.

Day 2 – Since we didn’t manage to get a hotel next to the convention this year, we set up our portable changing booth in the underground parking just below the convention center.

My buddy Bob Mitsch sported his Tom Tyler Captain Marvel costume. Flash and Captain Marvel. Note the differences.

Vickie’s not so sure about the readings on this one

Lauren, CJ, Vickie, Teri and Dan did the Trek thing

Really? Do we NEED another one?

I went as Captain Action to attend the CA panel that afternoon

With Joe Ahearn, Captain Action Product Developer

With Ed Catto, Captain Action Licensing Agent

With the incredibly talented artist Joe Jusko who’s doing the current packaging artwork for Captain Action

Watch out for this team-up

We came across this awesome Deadman

An unexpected treat. A chance meeting with Green Hornet aficionado, Kevin Gaunt. Kevin’s limited run of Hornet stings are legendary and for good reason. Wow!

Kevin asked me to try on his GH costume to see what I looked like as GH. It was funny that I was Captain Action changing into the Green Hornet.

A candid of me getting to chat with some good friends during a Doctor Who meet-up.

Day 3 – Early Friday morning, Vickie and I decided to take some pictures of my new Lone Ranger outfit in Old Town San Diego. The setting was perfect for it. Here’s some shots from that session.

Back at the convention I suited up as Batman for that day. Lone Ranger would have to wait until Saturday for his debut.

Bob and Teri were debuting their John Steed and Mrs. Peel from “The Avengers” television series from the 60’s. No Iron Man or Hulk here.

Met up with my friend Tony Savatdy in his Darth VAder/Freddy Krueger combo.

I found a Robin!

Bob with 70’s Billy Batson from “Shazam!”, Michael Gray.

This just screams “Comic Con” to me.

Day 4 – We checked out a steampunk X-men vs DC meet up that some of our friends were in.

Lone Ranger hits the floor.

With my good friend Ruben Procopio who was dying to see how the Lone Ranger turned out.

With “Castle’s” Molly C. Quinn.

With my friend Kevin Coppa

After 4 days, WE FOUND ADRIAN!! By this point, we didn’t have a photographer tagging with us so this ended up being my only pic of Vickie as Xena at this convention. If you find others, hook me up!

Lone Ranger artist Sergio Cariello

Day 5 – Vickie as Novice Hame from Doctor Who

Last pic from the Con.

Here’s a slideshow gallery that will hopefully share more of the memories.

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