After many years of fans and family trying to get Adam West his much deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of fame, the day finally came on April 5, 2012.  Prior to the announcement, I was honored to be asked by Adam’s family to turn in his application for the star personally to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in full costume.  I won’t say that did the trick but that time around he was finally accepted.   We were invited to attend the ceremony in costume as well.  What an honor and what a day!  Here are photos by Mark Hardeman that captured this landmark occasion.

On our way to the event down Hollywood Boulevard. Our friend Valerie Perez stood in for Vickie as Catwoman who couldn’t make it due to her work schedule. Luckily, Vickie’s costume fit Valerie as well. Sara was Batgirl, Alex flew in from Nashville just for the day to be Robin and one of Wally’s friends Alexandra Capriola joined us as Catwoman. You can never have too many Catwomen.

The crowd has already gathered

We pose for the attending paparazzi

The man of the hour, Adam West, arrives.

Always a thrill to be in his presence and especially to get a moment with him.

Batmobile builder, George Barris, was in attendance as well

Wally takes some pics

Adam’s agent Fred looks happy to see this finally happen

Radio personality and genuine Adam West Batfan, Ralph Garman, gave a wonderful speech. Ralph, along with Adam’s family was instrumental at spearheading the effort to get Adam his star.

Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, spoke about Adam and his role as Mayor West on Family Guy.

And then Adam got to speak.

Living in the moment.

All bow to the paparazzi

“Did you get a picture of my plaque?”

“Did everybody get a picture of my plaque?”

Adam’s lovely family

Superman wanted an autograph

With Ralph Garman

Thumbs up for Adam!

Kato even showed up!

With my good friend and artist Rubén Procopio. He wasn’t going to miss this!

Batting and catting around with Wally.

Adam can sit anywhere in or on the Batmobile he wants

Adam took time to sign a few autographs for the crowd

When Adam West speaks, Batman listens.

Adam talks to director and son in law, James Tooley for the documentary “Starring Adam West” which is about his journey to this moment.

Still posing for the cameras

We took a few moments to talk for the documentary camera as well

Touch the awesome!

Catwoman better not try to steal this car

Doing some more photo requests for the crowd

With good friends, Mark and Sherri Hardeman

At the end of a job well done, we all head out for some lunch.

Be sure to check out the documentary “Starring Adam West” directed by James Tooley.

Last but not least, I found this video of the event on YouTube by a fan.