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My adventures through the wonderful world of Batfandom. I share my journey and adventures in the wonderful world of the classic 1966 Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. The stories are my account from a fan’s perspective.

Costume Station Zero Podcast

My good friend, Bob Mitsch interviewed me for his podcast Costume Station Zero.  You can listen to it there or download it from iTunes (free).

Check it out!

From the Costume Station Zero site:

Scott Sebring and I discuss his journey into bat-mystery with his 1966 Batman Costume evolution, meeting Adam West, Bat Cowls, the power of Batman and Robin together and Convention/appearance stories! Check it out! Scott’s blog page can be found here: The ’66 Batman forum can be found at, Custom Boots:, Custom Gloves: and (for those who like our very own podcast theme composed by Scott) his album Sink or Swim can be found here:

20070905 Promo 1

SDCC 2004

SDCC 2004

First time in the Bat Suit

First time in the Bat Suit

Batman and Robin in action


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