Mech Nouveau Music Video Released!

I’ve finally done it. After many, many, many months of planning and work, I now have my very first official music video. I’ve been off the radar as far as posting stuff for awhile because this is the main thing I’ve been working on and wanted to spring it on you good folks without prior notice. Albeit, those in my immediate proximity have heard nothing but me talking about working on this, lol. Anyways, it’s been a real labor of love that could not have been achieved without the help from some of my very talented friends. Big kudos and thanks to Ben Bentley’s cinematography chops, Joshua Poole and Amber Marie for their wonderful acting, Daniel Eugene for makeup and then my biggest supporter, Vickie.  With that said, please give the video a watch and listen. Please share it out there with others. Post, tweet, retweet and repeat. ūüėČ  I would simply like to share it out there as much as possible for people to possibly see it. If there is enough interest, I might do a behind the scenes post and video about the making of the project. Thank you for your time and hopeful interest in my little project called “Mech Nouveau.”

Scott Sebring
Joshua Poole
Amber Marie

Ben Bentley
Scott Sebring

Daniel Eugene
Amber Marie

Special Effects and Post Production:
Sebring Arts